Player Plugins

Auto Doors:  Automatically closes the doors behind you.


  •  /ad 0 to disable
  • /ad # where # is 1-30 to adjust in seconds.
  • /ad 5 is default.

BGrade: Allows you to automatically upgrade building blocks upon placement. Allowing you to upgrade your building blocks with ease, preventing the needed use of the Hammer.


  • /bgrade 0 is twig
  • /bgrade 1 is wood
  • /bgrade 2 is stone
  • /bgrade 3 is metal
  • /bgrade 4 is armored.

Building Grades: Upgrade your entire building all at once, must have the needed resources in inventory to use.


  • /up 1 is wood
  • /up 2 is stone
  • /up 3 is metal
  • /up 4 is armored

Clans: provides you with an extensive clan system. It offers:

Create your own clan and invite your friends.

Promote members to moderators to manage the clan.

Automatically updates members to share their location on Rust:IO.

Chat internally with all clan members.

Shows the clan tag in front of all clan members’ names.

Broadcasts members going online or offline to all clan members.

Turns off friendly fire for clan members when used with Friendly Fire.


  • /clan Displays information about your current clan.
  • /c your_message_here Sends a message to all online clam members.
  • /clan create “TAG” “Description” Must be in “” marks, the TAG is displayed before all clan members names. The Description is for a short description of your clan.
  • /clan join “TAG” Joins the clan you have been invited to, the clan TAG must be in “” marks.
  • /clan leave Leaves your current clan.
  • /clan invite “Player_Name” Invites a played to your clan.
  • /clan kick “Player_Name” Kicks a member from your clan.
  • /clan promote “Player_Name” Promotes clan member to Moderator.
  • /clan demote “Player_Name” Demotes clan member from Moderator.
  • /clan disband forever Disbands your clan. NO UNDO!

Cross Hair: Places a cross hair on your screen.


  • /crosshair to make a selection.

Friendly Fire:  Friendly fire will be turned off for your explicitly added friends. Please keep in mind that this is a one-way relationship, so both players have to add each other as friends to enable it mutually!


  •  /ff to check current status.
  • /ff on/off default is off.

Friends API:  Doesn’t really do anything itself besides managing a friends list. It offers functions to use by other plugins to do things based on players friends. Other plugins can utilize this plugin to prevent friendly fire, allow access to things for friends, etc.


  • /friends add friendsname to add
  • /friends remove friendsname to remove
  • /friends list to see a current list of friends.

GPay:  Game Pay® allows our “Web Store” to instantly deliver items/packages purchased safe and secure through PayPal®. Our store requires that you login through Steam® so be sure your using the correct Steam account, the one you used to login to our server. Once you have made a purchase/donation return to game and use:

  • /claimdonation 

Be sure you have room in your inventory! VIP packages use:

  • /kit to access VIP kits after claiming donation above. Everything else after claiming donation is automatic.

Home Recycler:  “Premium Plugin” A recycler in your base requiring Tool Cupboard permission to use. Protect your TC you have been warned! To craft you will need 750 Scrap, 25 Springs and 25 Gears in your inventory.


  • /craftrecycler

When placing the Recycler looks like a Large Box but will turn into a Recycler once placed. The Box is a place holder for positioning. Available through our “Web Store Plugins“.

JPipes: “Premium Plugin” JPipes adds pipes that transfer items between deployables with limitless automation possibilities. Use

  • /p command in chat

Then select the first and second containers by hitting them with a Hammer. Each pipe has it’s own settings menu that can be opened by hitting it with a Hammer. Menu options are:

Turn On / Turn Off – enables or disables the pipe from transferring items/liquid. 

Auto Starter – after a pipe sends an item to a furnace, recycler, refinery, mining quarry, or pump jack, it will attempt to start it. 

Change Direction – Makes the items go the other direction through the pipe. 

Multi Stack / Single Stack – Multi Stack mode allows the pipe to create multiple stacks of the same item. Single Stack mode prevents the pipe from creating more than one stack of an item. Single Stack mode is mostly just for fueling furnaces to leave room for other items. 

Item Filter – This opens a small stash that you can place items in. When items are in the filter, only those items will be transferred through the pipe. When the filter is empty, all items will be transferred. The items you place in the filter are not removed from your inventory and when you take items from the filter it will not add it to your inventory. Available through ourWeb Store Plugins” 

Kits: Usage:

  • /kit

To access menu. Some kits are only available “Web Store VIP Kits“.

NTeleportation: Multiple teleportation system! Usage

  • /sethome yourhomename to set a home. 
  • /removehome homename todelete to remove said home.
  • /home list to see a list of your saved homes.
  • /tpr playername to request teleport to that player.
  • /tpa to accept a teleport request.
  • /tphelp for in game help.

Private Messages: Allows you to send private messages to other players.


  • /pm playername yourmessage to send a message.
  • /r yourmessage to reply to a PM.

Remote Turrets: Allow you to set turrets to be remotely controlled by you via a RustNET terminal.


  • /rt for in-game help.

Remover Tool: Building and entity removal tool.


  • /remove to activate.

RustNET: RustNET is a remote management interface designed to be used in conjunction with Remote Turrets and Security Cameras.


  • /rustnet for in-game help.

Security Cameras: Deploy security cameras around your base and view them by accessing a RustNET terminal. Usage:

  • /sc for in-game help.