Server Plugins

AlphaLoot: A fully customized loot table.

Building Blocker: Prevents placement of any items or structures without Tool Cupboard access.

Death Marker: Give you a better and cleaner indication of where you died.

Death Notes: Displays notices in chat about the KILLER and the DEAD.

Fancy Drop: Custom loot for air drops.

Instant Craft: Allows all items to be crafted instantly!

Lock On Rockets: Special rockets for attacking the damaged plane from the “Plane Crash” plugin. Not Craftable only found in loot.

Loot Bouncer: Empty’s partly looted containers so new loot can spawn!

Oil Crate: Brings back the “Pump Jack”! Not Craftable only found in loot.

Plane Crash: A low flying and smoking plane that you use “Lock on Rockets” to shoot down.

Power Smelt: Custom smelting features.

Smooth Restart: Gives a 30 minute countdown before daily restart @ 3AM Eastern Time (New York).

Stack Size Controller: Custom stack sizes.